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URL It Like It Is

While I don’t particularly like being upsold on a rental car when booking a flight (or an extra-leg-room-seat, or other bullshit perks that make buying a plane ticket online take five times as long as it should), I do kind of appreciate the blatant way Spirit goes about doing it.

The next page, incidentally, was http://www.spirit.com/make-em-pay-for-a-ticket-then-again-for-a-seat-assignment-then-again-for-even-thinking-about-bringing-a-carry-on-and once-more-to-ensure-the-plane-both-takes-off-and-lands. After that, it was just http://www.spirit.com/sucks.

[Thanks, Slo]

Worst (Best) URL of the Week

I know I’ve been delinquent this week. And that this ought to be a Google Game. But this is worth it, I promise.

I was on the phone with Hertz rental car. Well, on hold with Hertz rental car, that is. And an automatic message was explaining to me all the better ways of dealing with Hertz than trying to get them on the phone. I could go online, the voice told me. Or, if I were on a smartphone, I could use their mobile site, by visiting
hertz 2 go.com.

Say that out loud.

Hertz. 2. Go.

I was cracking up when the operator finally came on the line. Where were your marketing people on that one? Freaking hilarious.