Google Game: Summer

Welcome back. Hope your long Labor Day weekend gave you a good amount of rest, and time to reflect on, uh, labor I guess. Shows what I know about national holidays.

The weather turns rapidly crisper and you’ve officially retired your skin-tight white jeans to the closet until next year, so I thought we’d join together in a longing glance at summer as it begins to slip away.

google summerI have to admit, a couple of these results touch me right in my nerdy heart. Number one: Summer Heights High. If you’re not familiar with this hilarious show, please do yourself the favor of checking it out. The creation of Comic chameleon Chris Lilley was imported to HBO last year from Australia, but sadly I’ve not heard anything definitive about the channel renewing it for a second season.

And as a drooling Joss Whedon devotee, I recognize Summer Glau as the anguished, omniscient protagonist in the short-lived Firefly and its late-coming follow up, Serenity. I also recognize that people are probably searching her because of neither of those, but for her role on  Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

Jump to the end. Pretty psyched to see people are still into the Summertime jam. Pretty bummed that nearly all of the top results are for Kenny Chesney, that Will Smith is listed only once therein — and not as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince — and that Janis Joplin’s version of the original classic doesn’t even make the first two pages. Travesty.

Now as for the others, too bad that we spend our summers working and interning, isn’t it? At least there are summer dresses. And Milwaukee’s Summerfest, which claims to be the biggest music festival in the world (though somehow that news never hit me over here on the coast). And summer camps: the best way not to spend time with your kids/parents for 8 weeks a year. Oh, and for the record, if you put Summer Olympics into the search bar, half the suggestions are queries for how often they occur. Really, folks? Is this not common knowledge yet? I’m not impressed.

Not surprised, either, since every day on the internet is like a fucking worldwide MENSA meeting [*sarcasm!* LOL!]. Take, by way of example, this comment on the youtube video of Summertime, above:

man punch out is OLLDD SCHOOL boxing fuck me and the homies use to play them games at like age 15 smoking hella bud man the good ol memories

Couldn’t have said it better. So, friends, here’s to summer, boxing fuck me, hella bud and the good ol memories.

2 responses to “Google Game: Summer

  1. Keep in mind that Audio Preview was available for that Youtube post.

  2. I like to think of skin tight white jeans as timeless and seasonless.

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