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Google Game: So much fun?

Summer is a time for lounging in thought. Temperate climes cultivate contemplation. Clear skies clear heads. Each year, lulled into musing moods by sunshine and slower paces, I find myself at the park or the beach, surrounded by short-pantsed and swim-suited revelers of summer’s simpler pleasures, looking up toward cotton clouds and thinking, What the fuck is so much fun about flying a kite?

Seriously. Why is that fun? Evidently I’m not the only one who doesn’t get it. And you know what? Google doesn’t even have an answer to it. You know why? Because kites are fucking stupid. Yeah, OK, if you’re, like, five, anything that’s sort of like flying is cool. But other than that, kites are dumb.

Oh, and fireworks? Fucking overrated. There, I said it.

Google Game: Summer

Welcome back. Hope your long Labor Day weekend gave you a good amount of rest, and time to reflect on, uh, labor I guess. Shows what I know about national holidays.

The weather turns rapidly crisper and you’ve officially retired your skin-tight white jeans to the closet until next year, so I thought we’d join together in a longing glance at summer as it begins to slip away.

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