What Would Matt Damon Do? Find Out Now!

What do you get when you put Al Gore, Tim Geithner and Matt Damon together? The obvious answer: The makings of a killer “are in an airplane with one parachute” joke.

The real answer: One third of the roster of illustrious individuals subjected to open questioning by Internetters as part of Digg.com’s year-old Dialogg series. Also on the list are the Governator, Richard Branson, Trent Reznor and Nancy Pelosi.

If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of queries you’ve just been dying to ask Mr. Damon. If you’re anything like the 1,870 people who, at press time, have already posted, those queries fall into one of the following five categories:

  1. Relationship with Ben Affleck/jabs at Ben Affleck’s talent
  2. How do you like them apples?
  3. Bourne & Ocean’s sequel jokes
  4. Characterization by Team America or Sarah Silverman
  5. Playing dumb guys vs. playing smart guys
Aw, come on. Give me something I have to look up in this book.

Come on, gimme a tough one. I'll look up in this here book.

You might think that pretty much covers whatever one might get out of a Q+A with Matt Damon. But let us not waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Enough softballs, people. We have a unique privilege, nay a duty, to put this Hollywood hottie on the proverbial hot seat. How can Obama pull back his ambitious dreams for a nationalized health care system in a way that underscores long term feasibility without alienating his Liberal support base? Have we as consumers become ourselves consumed by an obsession with local and sustainable agriculture; sub-question: what is the difference between “organic” and “sustainable”? At what point, if any, does America’s involvement in regional conflicts in the Middle East overstep our diplomatic jurisdiction? Should I be afraid of Swine Flu?

Get to probing— tomorrow’s the last day to post. This might be your only chance. What will you ask Matt Damon?

One response to “What Would Matt Damon Do? Find Out Now!

  1. What do you have when you put Matt Damon, Al Gore and Timothy Geithner in a falling airplane with just one parachute? One too many parachutes! Hahahaha! I kill me! I mean, them. Jokingly.

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