Correction: Rapper-Terrorists Drop Neither Beats Nor Bombs

In yet another example of the foreign media unable to tell the difference between nonsense and news, Germany’s national news wire was taken for a ride yesterday by a merry band of movie makers and fake rappers. Behold:

Here’s what DPA, Germany’s national news wire reported this past September 11th:

A terrorist attack occurred in the city of Bluewater, California. The suicide bombers were German rappers, the “Berlin Boys”.

A half hour later DPA issued a correction: there had been no bombing. The “Berlin Boys” are not a rap group. The city of Bluewater does not exist.

It was all an elaborate publicity stunt to promote the satirical German film Short Cut to Hollywood. Filmmaker Jan Henrik Stahlberg and his team fooled their entire nation by creating fake websites and videos:

Here’s the fake city of Bluewater (link).

Here’s the fake local Bluewater news station, KVPK (link).

And here are the “Berlin Boys” with their club hit “Hass”:

Story from Boing Boing. More info at Wired.

One response to “Correction: Rapper-Terrorists Drop Neither Beats Nor Bombs

  1. they sure do have a delicate touch in germany don’t they

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