A Message from Nanja Eboko, Exchange Student from Cameroon

Apologies that I’m not savvy enough to post this video like a proper blogger would, but please believe me that this is worth a click. My roommate and I managed to catch this commercial for Cameroon last Wednesday night during Conan. Prime broadcast real estate on a major network — just keep that in mind while you watch. It’s the third video listed on the Come to Cameroon website. Here’s a teaser: The spot begins, “Strategically located within Africa, Cameroon … combines political stability with enormous reserves of natural resources…”


As my viewing partner astutely noted, Cameroon seems to be giving Kazakhstan a run for its money.

2 responses to “A Message from Nanja Eboko, Exchange Student from Cameroon

  1. I’ll remember that when I want to spend a vacation doing construction or mining. I also love the easy to remember website of http://www.iciWaza.com

  2. Watching CNN International while abroad, there are always tons of spots promoting “alternative” countries as vacation/business/adventure/eco/culinary/offshore destinations. I’ve always was particularly taken by the ad for Montenegro (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ig17x6O8TjM)…not a place I think of when I think of a snowboarding trip :)…and Macedonia (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv4i_T2-fpU or search on “macedonia timeless”).

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