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Not OK, Google.

There I am doing an innocent Google search for the latest on the Conan/Jay debacle when I notice results ensconced in freakin’ talk-bubble-boxes (see yellow highlighting):

Not OK, Google. If I wanted to search Twitter I would have fucking searched fucking Twitter. As if I didn’t feel had enough by this Conan craziness, now you gotta go search-resulting me comic-book style? F you, dude. Like I’d want to get my TV entertainment news from some hip hop radio station. Or this guy.  Totally lame.

Bigger picture, this is an unnerving turn in the world of internet search. That may sound dramatic. But. It’s hard enough as it is to click a credible source online without the Twitter vomit of no-name bozos appearing directly below legitimate news results — which are of questionable reliability to begin with, and yet the best we’ve got to go on. Throw a rock in the air you’re bound to hit someone stupid. Throw a query in the Cloud you’re bound to hit his latest tweet. Blerg.

A Message from Nanja Eboko, Exchange Student from Cameroon

Apologies that I’m not savvy enough to post this video like a proper blogger would, but please believe me that this is worth a click. My roommate and I managed to catch this commercial for Cameroon last Wednesday night during Conan. Prime broadcast real estate on a major network — just keep that in mind while you watch. It’s the third video listed on the Come to Cameroon website. Here’s a teaser: The spot begins, “Strategically located within Africa, Cameroon … combines political stability with enormous reserves of natural resources…”


As my viewing partner astutely noted, Cameroon seems to be giving Kazakhstan a run for its money.