Would you buy a SandSac?

Hows about a little free association on this fine Thursday morning? What do you think of when you see this word?


Go ahead. Whatever comes to mind. Scrotal adhesion on a sultry desert day? Yeah, that’s typically what I get, too.

You see, I’ve been getting press releases from representatives of SandSac for a while, and each time I do I think it’s porno spam. But actually, it’s a beach toy, a foldable canvas pail-tote-hybrid. Behold:

sandsacFar be it from me to quibble with market research that says there’s a hole for this product to fill. But who focus grouped the name? I think it should be a rule of thumb that “Sac” be kept out of branding materials, universally, wholesale. It’s never really necessary — so many synonyms! — and always at least a little gross. Like moist.

Other words for the marketing moratorium? Let us hear your thoughts on words that’d make you barf before they’d make you buy.

4 responses to “Would you buy a SandSac?

  1. I’m just baffled. How do you market something like this? Is this basically a more stylish version of a pail/bucket for the sand? If so, how are you supposed to build a sand castle using this thing? It’s not nearly sturdy enough to help create the base like you can with a bucket. And afterward, you can never use it as a bag again since it will have sand everywhere.

    Conceptually and structurally, I cannot recommend this product.

  2. why does it say, “love” on it?

  3. Any product made by Semens, I mean Siemens, I find to be unacceptable and barf-worthy..

  4. I will propose that food should never be described on a menu as “chunks of” or “crusty”.

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