Dating Advice from Broadview Security: DON’T!

More bad news for the single ladies, courtesy Broadview (née Brinks) home security: Dating will get you raped and killed. Fortunately for just $99 you can get a home security system to protect you from the predatory attacks you’re asking for by wearing that. For extra safety, try these three tips from the company’s TV campaign.

1. Don’t go on a first date:

2. Don’t ever break up with anyone:

3. In fact, don’t even talk to men:

6 responses to “Dating Advice from Broadview Security: DON’T!

  1. I think the real lesson here is to never talk to a man named A.J.

  2. Why do all these women run up the stairs away from all of the exits?

  3. I always thought she has a very loose definition of the phrase “bad breakup.”

  4. That guy in video two is like the best door kicker ever. It’s really hard to kick a door in with one shot like that. Last time it took my like three kicks which is bad because that gave the Brinks guys a lot of time to get there.

  5. i like the face a.j. makes before he grants himself entry into the party girl’s house. i really think he had a shot before he went all bezerker.

  6. So some dude named AJ is at her party but she has no idea who he is and none of her friends do. As he is leaving she is waiting for him to ask for her number but he never does. AJ seemed like such a nice guy. Next thing you know he elbows through the door and has this mean look on his face. AJ probably just left his keys in her house. It wasn’t like he was coming back in to rob a house that he knows the girl is in. Also there appeared to be a connection between him and the girl.

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