Reader Appreciation: Almost redundant, isn’t it?

I like this monkey.

Un-Happy new year, folks. You may have noticed a brief, unannounced NMH dematerialization in the final days of the aughts. I’ll cop. The Unhappy Mediator took a protracted tropical hiatus from virtually all things media, edged into realm of actually-happy, and as such, stymied the site’s editorial mission.

But I’m back, and to honor that mission in the nascent decade, I’d like to introduce a new rubric, Reader Appreciation, wherein we doff our post to those virtual visitors who keenly and deftly stumble upon the heart of No Happy Medium.

Without much further ado, and with the best of wishes (and a sheepish apology for half a December of neglect), the first NHM reader shout-out:


Thanks to the reader who found the site by searching                     “asshole with bluetooth.”

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