Ass Effects

Most writers will probably tell you that if you want your writing to come out well it’s important to read your work aloud. Things that look good on the page and may make perfect logical sense often come out awkward or confusing when verbalized.

So one might wonder what they were thinking over at Eisai/PriCara when they named their acid reflux mediation AcipHex. Or how their commercials got by the ad group without anyone raising a hand with a discomfited clearing of the throat, “ahem, did he, uh… does anyone else think it sounds like…?”

But it might explain why they started looking for a new marketing manager for the product a month and a half ago:

Requirements: Self starter, multi-tasker, understands rhyming.

2 responses to “Ass Effects

  1. hahaha, hilarious.

  2. That is just not right.

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