More Fun with the iPad (abusing it, not using it)

The technopundits spent months (years) hot under the collar waiting for the dawn of the iPad. And now that it’s here it’s caused a dizzying deluge of excitement commingled with bewildered disappointment and acrid bemusement. I’m gonna go ahead and jump on that last one. Never been a big Kool Aid drinker.

So, here’s a phrase I never thought I’d say: Hitler was on the money. Behold.

Adolf makes a great point I forgot to bring up in my earlier post: No Flash support. No Flash support?! How’s ol’ Jobsie going to make an essentially dedicated web-surfing device that doesn’t support Flash? It’s baffling.

And on a related note, a pretty nice little graphic of Apple product evolution: (source unknown)

Don’t you love the way SJ’s peeking out from behind his soon-to-be-released iSorry?

[Thanks, Dror & Jeff]

5 responses to “More Fun with the iPad (abusing it, not using it)

  1. i never thought i’d identify with Hitler. thanks.

  2. I have wondered if requires flash. Embarrassingly (or not embarrassingly) I don’t know how to find out. Yes, I have already googled for “does require flash support?”.

    • Awesome question, Terry. Upon a very brief, cursory inspection it does not appear that Apple’s site uses Flash. But, gosh, it would be hilarious wouldn’t it?

  3. no review of the bloated eric clapton shilling for t-mobile. oh look, its buddy guy calling, i wonder if any other irrelevant people will call.

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