Here, Let Me Google That for You

I really don’t mind being asked for, say, a restaurant reco or an easy and direct subway route. I’ve lived in this city a long time and am proud to impart my wisdom. But we’ve all gotten that query like “what are the museum’s hours?” which could just as easily be resolved by the query-er himself spending eight seconds on the internet. For that there’s let me google that for you.

Go to the site, type the search term into the fake Google search bar and hit return. It will spit out a link. Hover over it to reveal a tiny url — it’s more subtle — copy it and send the link to your friend.  I could describe what it will do, but it’s more fun to experience it for yourself:

You’ll end up looking like a wise-ass, but a magnanimous wise ass: you’re friend’ll get his answer in the end.

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