Israeli Scientists find Nano Star of David, Key to Peace in the Middle East?

"It's a beautiful star, but so small it has to be?"

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem this week published findings of a nanoparticle shaped like the six-pointed Star of David.

Their work … contributes to understanding how hybrid nanoparticles form. Hybrid nanoparticles are systems which combine two or more different materials on the same particle in which the combination provides multi-functionality to the particle. The discovery of the Hebrew University scientists is described in an article published now online and in the October 2010 issue of the journal Nature Materials. …

The researchers have been working to try and develop new nanoparticles made of two kinds of materials joined together. So far, scientists have only been aware of nanoparticles in which one material encapsulates the other (resembling an egg and a yolk), or where an island of one material forms on the other (much like the head of the match on a match-stick). This was not the case with the Star of David shapes.

Is it just me, or does this sound like a scientific allegory for Middle East relations? In related news, Palestinian leaders today issued an announcement that nanoscience is bullshit.


One response to “Israeli Scientists find Nano Star of David, Key to Peace in the Middle East?

  1. As a Gentile who loves to procrastinate, my first reaction upon seeing that image was not the Star of David, but rather, the mines from Minesweeper.

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