On Wife Beaters, Just a Thought

Ever find it weird how comfortable we are with the term “wife beater”? I mean, it’s kind of twisted. If you stop to think about it.

3 responses to “On Wife Beaters, Just a Thought

  1. i like ‘wife blaster’ instead.

  2. You could not be more correct. In 6th grade, I sent my moms into the local drugstore to pick up some, “wife-beaters.” My mom, a bit lost, appealed to the geriatric sales clerk to help her find said, “wife beaters” and was met with disdain and horror. Little old lady almost died. Blushing, my mom ran from the store. To this day, my mom believes I set her up on purpose to be shamed by a respectable old lady, but no, twas’ our culture’s wholesale acceptance of mysogyny that set her up!

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