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Online, Turning Lemons into Lemonade, Attempted Rape into Pop Stardom

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You may have seen the reports on Antoine Dodson’s infectious invective. Likely you’ve heard the Gregory Brothers’ Auto-tune remix. You may have bought The Bed Intruder Song for $1.29 on iTunes.

If you did purchase the song, you helped put its Aug 8 debut on the iTunes US charts at #44, just below John Mayer and above Carrie Underwood. That day, more people bought it than anything by P!nk or Justin Bieber. I’m not sure how many sales the song has had, but Dodson’s maybe-50-cent take of each download was enough, according to the ABC article, to move his family out of the projects.

Some people go on reality shows and get famous overnight. Some people do the same thing in plain ol’ reality. Unreal.

I Am T-Pain, In Pain I Am


Jay-Z — erroneously — heralded the death of Aut0-Tune with DOA, but where was he on the death of hip hip on the hiz-ole? The press materials on this new T-Pain Auto-tune app for the iPhone, which uses his studio technology to turn your voice into that wavering, wobbly filtered shit you hear every time you turn on the radio, captures the problem pretty neatly:

only I Am T-Pain allows you to become that star you always wanted to be. Just sing into the mic and listen.

So what you’re saying is that it really is that easy: Just Auto-Tune that shit and you’ll sound like any other modern rap hack. Here, see it in action. Old folks, JAPs and any average white guy, instantaneously as good as T-Pain.

Maybe it sounds like I’m just being a hater. And, fine, maybe I am. But my hating is fueled by love. Love of a genre that’s getting auto-tuned down the freakin toilet.