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Google Game: Why can’t I…?

For this week’s game we’re going to take it down in two parts.  The top result doubtless has caught your attention by now, but we’ll return to that shortly. First, let’s tackle the seven items I’ve labeled a-through-g:

a. See (b.)

b. See (e.)

c. See (a.) & (b.)

d. See (c.)

e. See (f.)

f. Rewrite your resume, see (a.)

g. See (f.) & (c.) & (a.)

Now, click through for more on Canadians, and why you can’t have one.

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Google Game: I am

I started today’s Google Game with “Am I…” but the results were too sad even for me. Am I fat, am I bipolar, am I an alcoholic. The Suggest results for “I am” were less depressing. Or so it at first seemed.

I’ll wait while you do a digital double take.

I am extremely terrified of Chinese people comes from this story on ChristWire.com. When I checked out the article, I, like many others,  couldn’t determine with certainty whether the article and the site were serious or satiric. Cracked.com describes ChristWire as their biggest internet rival, “in terms of producing articles that make you laugh and shit your pants in fear at the same time,” but if you look at the comments following CW’s posts, plenty of people don’t realize they’re supposed to be laughing. This could be because ChristWire’s stories maintain a level of ambiguity that confuses as much as it amuses (or because some of the articles really aren’t that funny). It’s also because the Christian Right in this country is terrifying — practically a parody of itself. Take, for example, the beginning of Conservapedia’s entry on Barack Obama:

Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry Soetoro[1] (allegedly[2][3][4][5][6] born in Honolulu Aug. 4, 1961) is the 44th President of the United States

Sometimes it’s dangerously hard to distinguish between the brilliant and the crazy. You want to assume that the posts on ChristWire are all jokes, but there’s so much ignorant hate out there that it’s not always so easy to tell. (Well, except when it is.)