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Analog Files: Twitter Taken Down, Tweaking Twats Take to the Streets, Titter in Micro-Pidgin

When some ingenious hacker brought the Tower of Twitter crashing down for two hours this morning, micro-bloggers, their MacBooks and iPhones rendered useless, stumbled bewildered into the streets groping blindly in the sunlight for a way to express their distress. Overheard at a Williamsburg coffee shop, a few reactions to the tweet heard round the world:

  • at anybody! can u hear me? can’t twitter! can’t feel! hold me!
  • at barista, coffee is cold, i’ll tell, people not come here!
  • twitter is down, is Iran ok?
  • Yeah, I know you’re at this coffee shop right now. I’m here, too, and I can fucking see you. Now take that noodly arm and pass me the simple syrup, douche.
  • I’ll text you.

If this hullabaloo has got you reconsidering your allegiances, let Dave show you whatfor.