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Google Game: Gloria

Suddenly I was overcome with a need to listen to Gloria, by Laura Branigan. I lifted my already-plugged-in mp3 device and searched for the song. To my dismay I realized that– what the fuck? — I don’t have it on there. Other Glorias, yes. U2’s Gloria. And Mineral’s. But not Ms. Branigan’s, the one I was currently butchering a capella.

Too lazy to rummage through my CDs and ruing that visit to a record shop in Kansas City when my friend picked up the Flashdance soundtrack before I did, I went to the YouTube for the quick and easy way to play it. I noticed a number of other Gloria tracks up there, so I decided to do a little Google investigation:

That’s a lot of Gloria. And that’s not even all of them. (See Mineral, above. Cross ref: Emo as fuck and still in rotation.)

I’ll let you poke around and find your own favorite Gloria, but read on for a couple suggestions.

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Giants Stadium Hosts Breathtaking Video Display of U2 Live Performance (U2 Reportedly Performs Below It)

Saw U2 at Giants Stadium last night. Ahem, and the night before. Amazing show? Obviously. It’s U2. Bono is the ultimate showman (even if he can’t remember the words to his songs anymore) and the band’s as tight as ever (even if Larry Mullen Jr.’s starting to look a little tired). This was no question.

The stage was impressive, a transplantable theater in the round, surmounted by an enormous claw-like structure supporting a 360-degree jumbotron of the highest-resolution I’ve ever seen. Hilariously, Drum Master Mullen was quoted in the September issue of Spin as saying, in re the set up, “We don’t need another Pop Mart.” Yeah, this was much more tasteful and restrained than the giant lemon, sure.

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In the same brief article, Bono explains that on tour the band aims to let the latest technologies push their shows to new levels. And I will certainly give them that. The screen was good. It was real good. In fact, it was too good.

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