Annals of Uncool: Where Do You Fit in?

If you’ ve wondered where on the (un)social scale you lay, I hope this Venn diagram will help you sort out your approximate geek/nerd/dork/dweeb quotient.

Oh, and for those inclined to comment and debate the categorization (which I fully encourage, of course), I created this easy reference:

[From GreatWhiteSnark via my mom!]

4 responses to “Annals of Uncool: Where Do You Fit in?

  1. this makes sense. i may be a nerd on paper, but some of my actions definitely lack the intelligence, making me a dork. like making a Magic the Gathering deck consisting of only 1/1 creatures with banding.

  2. I know I fit in here somewhere. I just don’t know where.

    But I do know this. I love Venn Diagrams.

  3. brizzle-
    I told you that deck would never work!

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