I Hate Your Body… of Work

The “I Love My Body” Victoria’s Secret campaign has been running for several months now, but I only just had the pleasure of catching one of the TV spots. You guys love your bodies, huh? Go fuck yourselves.

I know, I sound so typical, but I don’t even care. Seriously… just go fuck yourselves.

Sure, I get where you’re going: we should all love our bodies. And watching videos of supermodels explaining why they love theirs (1, 2, 3, 4) really makes me reflect on how I feel about mine. Truly inspiring, thanks. I have an idea for Vickie’s marketing staff. If you want your models to seem relateable, your next commercials should show them standing in front of the mirror pinching millimeters of belly skin and whining about their insecurities. Wow, models really are like the rest of us! That’ll make me a VS shopper for sure!


3 responses to “I Hate Your Body… of Work

  1. I bet that black chick has a big pussy

  2. i was going to write something good, i swear, but dirtyfuckinghipster said it all. bravo. bravo.

  3. I wouldn’t mind the video of them throwing up before the shoot as a lead-in…. at least that presents the choice, either love your body but have chronic dragon breath, or be minty clean and have insecurities like most of us

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