Character Assassination: The State Farm Guy

In this first edition of Character Assassination, allow me to present The State Farm Guy:

I don’t know what it is about him that makes me dislike him so. He’s just so… smarmy. He makes me squirm.

I know I’m not alone. Ask Google. Or the facebook. Meet I Hate The State Farm Guy, with over 2,500 friends:

(I’d steer clear of George Jungle. Yikes.)

I can’t decide whom I hate more, him or the esurance chick. But I fear my bitterness toward that pink haired floozy could be tinged with jealousy. My antipathy toward him is at least pure. What it is about insurance companies that their marketing campaigns are so likely to be divisive? Do you know anyone who’s moderate on Flo, the Progressive rep? I guess we wouldn’t pay attention to insurance commercials otherwise. Are admen that smart?

5 responses to “Character Assassination: The State Farm Guy

  1. i find it interesting how you managed to avoid any of Geiko’s spokes…things. also, have you noticed how awful the State Farm guy sounds saying Geiko? what a dick. furthermore, i saw him doing a commercial in Spanish, and he’s just as fucking smarmy. such a douche.

    i really don’t like him.

  2. And yet, both Dennis Haysbert and Dean Winters (Dennis from 30 Rock) remain likable, albeit in very different ways. So good going, Allstate. If I had anything to protect, I’d probably go with you. Because I’d be in good hands with Allstate. I trust your hands to do me right.

  3. @paul so you dont own a car or a house or rent an apartment…. life must suck living in your parent’s basement.

  4. All the guys around here call him “The State Farm Serial Rapist”

    I thought it was a little harsh but then I saw another commercial and I did hear “Hide ya kids, hide ya wife and hide ya Husbands cause he’s gonna rape eveybody up in here” pop into my head.

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