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Israeli Commercial Parodies Hamas Assassination While US TV Watchers Debate Failing Starlet’s Baby-Aimed Tantrum

OK, we get it. Life in the Middle East is way more real. You don’t have to go rubbing our noses in it.

While Americans are spending another day up-in-tweets about the Lindsay Lohan/E Trade litigation, over in Israel a supermarket chain is airing a TV commercial that parodies the assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai earlier this year. The ad, reports the BBC, features garishly-costumed actors and security-camera-esque footage (blatant and unabashed references to the successful assassination scheme), as well as the tag line “We offer killer prices.”

No punches pulled. Man. You couldn’t just let us have this one, could you? We get a healthy nationwide debate going — Is Lindsay really a milkaholic? Does she have one-name star power? Is that baby wearing underwear? — and you gotta go and one-up us like this with your edginess and your jihad. Sheesh. Let someone else have the drama for once, wouldja.

TV’s Most Meta Infomercial

It’s an infomercial. But it’s making fun of infomercials. But it’s still an infomercial. Whoa.

And… AND! It’s got Gilbert Gottfried. Freaking brilliant. I mean, if you’re going to have some announcer yell at you for being too idiotic to complete simple tasks, it might as well be Hollywood’s loudest man berating you via boob tube. You know, come to think of it, I never did see why I had to bend all the way over to put on and take off my shoes…

Erstwhile Heartthrobs, Heavier, Hawk Headsets, Depress

I received this comment yesterday from a devoted reader:

  • eddie // Thursday February 4, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    no review of the bloated eric clapton shilling for t-mobile. oh look, its buddy guy calling, i wonder if any other irrelevant people will call.

  • Wouldn’t want to disappoint, Eddie, and indeed I’m pleased to take a moment for this ad.

    Bloated is right. And I’ll tell you what really grosses me out about this commercial: seeing Clapton-of-today’s puffy mane-framed face while hearing his voice say “I get off on.” Ew. There’s really an age at which one shouldn’t be allowed to say stuff like “get off” anymore. Whatever it is, he’s past it. As a consumer, I wouldn’t want to think of Eric Clapton getting off every time I get a call from a fading Blues musician. Doesn’t help none that the phone is called MyTouch. [shudder]

    And while we’re on the subject of mobile endorsements by once-desirable celebrities succumbed to severe edema…

    So where did all those minutes go, dough boy? Are they lost forever, along with all those offers for projects that aren’t humiliating? To wit:

    “This… this is just not right.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Luke.

    Calling the Clio Committee

    Why do I love this commercial so much? You might think it’s because of the daughter’s incredible NY accent. No, that’s just, like, a supah oh-w-some bow-nus. I like this commercial because these two are actually good actors. Especially the injured Pop. Totally believable. Not like that sham Hillside Honda romance. (While you’re at it – please check out some of the comments under the video on the YouTube. Classy.) With all the unwatchable commercial acting out there, let’s recognize how remarkably decent these performances are.

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    Ass Effects

    Most writers will probably tell you that if you want your writing to come out well it’s important to read your work aloud. Things that look good on the page and may make perfect logical sense often come out awkward or confusing when verbalized.

    So one might wonder what they were thinking over at Eisai/PriCara when they named their acid reflux mediation AcipHex. Or how their commercials got by the ad group without anyone raising a hand with a discomfited clearing of the throat, “ahem, did he, uh… does anyone else think it sounds like…?”

    But it might explain why they started looking for a new marketing manager for the product a month and a half ago:

    Requirements: Self starter, multi-tasker, understands rhyming.

    Commercials Worth Watching: J&R

    If you live outside NYC you’ve probably never gotten to enjoy the brilliant commercials for lower Manhattan’s J&R electronics superstore. If you’re here and you haven’t seen one today, it’s time.



    and also yes.

    They were produced by New York ad agency Toy, which has also done work for Virgin Mobile and Office Max. So simple. So good.

    Dating Advice from Broadview Security: DON’T!

    More bad news for the single ladies, courtesy Broadview (née Brinks) home security: Dating will get you raped and killed. Fortunately for just $99 you can get a home security system to protect you from the predatory attacks you’re asking for by wearing that. For extra safety, try these three tips from the company’s TV campaign.

    1. Don’t go on a first date:

    2. Don’t ever break up with anyone:

    3. In fact, don’t even talk to men: